Wuhan Metro

Wuhan Metro Line 4 under construction
For many years, Wuhan Metro has consisted of one pretty useless line in Hankou. Finally, the city got its act together and started digging all over the place, to connect the 3 far-flung section of that great metropolis: Hankou, Wuchang, and Hanyang. Of course, the subway is being build along the routes which are used by the greatest number of travelers - which means, exactly the routes that are most congested now. The tunnels apparently are being bored without disturbing the street surface (i.e., *not* cut-and-cover), but each station does require digging a huge hole in the middle of one of the busiest streets, such as Luoyu Rd, reducing the space open to traffic to 2 lanes each way. So the congestion on these routes now reaches epic proportions, with traffic coming to crawl by 3pm, even on weekends.

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